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The information and services included in the CIRCE website of the General Directorate of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprise will comply with the principles of accessibility and usability, established in Article 4 of the Law 11/2007 dated 22 June  on electronic access by citizens to public services, on the terms dictated by current legislation in this matter at all times.

The aim of the Directorate General of Industry and SME is to guarantee the accessibility of the contents of its CIRCE website (http://www.circe.es). Thus, this was designed to ensure it meets the standards and regulations currently in effect in matters of accessibility. Notwithstanding the above, it is possible that you may come across a page that does not fully meet these standards, as some of the sections contained in the portal use tools that do not comply with all the accessibility requirements. Thus, in the event you have any problem accessing the information contained in this website, please contact us through our accessibility mailbox [es] and we will endeavour to carry out the necessary improvements as quickly as possible.

Conditions of Accessibility

  • Checks have been carried out to ensure that this website is correctly displayed using different versions of the most commonly used browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Chrome) and on several different platforms.
  • The majority of the documents that can be downloaded from this website are PDFs. These documents can be displayed using the free application Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • It is also important to bear in mind that in order to carry out transactions using an electronic signature, the browser must use javascript and the necessary e-signature client components

Services - compatibility with other browsers

The Electronic PAE is compatible with most current browsers.

However, there are some services (the query of old files, the application of the social denomination or the change of social denomination in the case of Limited Companies of New Company) that are compatible with Internet Explorer and is optimized for versions 7 and 8. If the Internet Explorer browser above 9, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome has access to these services, you must configure your browser according to the directions below. In any case, in the links that raise this problem, it is reported.

  • Compatibility with Internet Explorer 9

    For the correct functioning of the portal CIRCE in Internet Explorer 9 the Compatibility view in the Tools menu --> Compatibility view, must be enabled.

  • Compatibility with Firefox

    For correct operation of the portal CIRCE in Firefox the extension for Firefox IE Tab 2 must be installed.

    Download here IE Tab 2 for Firefox

    In order to activate the extension you must open a browser and with a right-click on the mouse, select the option “View this page in IE Tab” from the contextual menu. You can also activate the option by clicking on the icon located on the right side of the bottom toolbar.

  • Compatibility with Chrome

    For correct operation of the portal CIRCE in Chrome the extension for Chrome Chrome IE Tab must be installed.

    Download here IE Tab for Chrome

    To activate the extension click on the icon located on the right side of the search bar.

For more information see the following document : Use of the CIRCE platform with other browsers New window

Short-Cuts (Accesskey)

Users are offered the option of accessing the contents of Search Help using short-cuts or access keys.

By using this tool, the user will rely on their browser and operating system. Depending on the browser in question, the most frequently used short-cuts use the following key combinations:

  • Internet Explorer: Alt + key + Enter
  • Mozilla Firefox: Alt + key
  • Google Chrome: Alt + key

The short-cuts are as follows:

  • Key 0: Content
  • Key 1: Homepage
  • Key 2: Accessibility
  • Key 3: Legal notice
  • Key 4: Web Map
  • Key 5: Contact
  • Key 6: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Key e: English
  • Key o: Spanish

Latest review of accessibility

Last review of website: 11/26/2016.

The accessibility of the pages on this site are reviewed prior to publication