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General Direction of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprise

The General Directorate of Industry, for the Small and Medium Enterprise, offers  entrepreneurs and businessmen, online information and tools to help with their entrepreneurial projects. The purpose of those websites being to promote entrepreneurship.
  • Portal PYME

    Portal PYME. This web offers general information relating to the business world and a set of interactive tools that can help you develop your business idea. It also has a search engine of grants and national incentives and European programs. Also it allows you to make a company plan and directs you to the success of your project by allowing a self-diagnosis by means of different self-diagnosis tools.

  • Crea tu empresa

    Portal “Setup your business”.  This web portal offers information, tools and utilities to help with the creation of the company.  The Portal has a guidance system that allows to choose the legal form that best fits your business plan and offers a search engine of national aids and incentives and European programs.

  • Subsede electrónica de la SG de Apoyo a la PYME

    Help desk for Entrepreneur. Platform with electronic services offered by the General Sub-directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Support. This platform will allow you to carry out your online procedures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    This website offers general and sectoral information on management of industrial property rights, and provides free training and advice services in this matter.

  • Portal Todo Emprende

    This portal gathers up actions and support measures developed by the Spanish General Administration regarding Small and Medium Enterprises.