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A PAIT point is the same as a PAE point?

The Points of Counseling and Paperwork (PAIT) are now called Point of Care Entrepreneur (PAE) with the same functions.

How can I find PAE points?

The website CIRCE provides all users with a search of all the Help desks for Entrepreneurs (PAE).

What support is available for business creation?

The Directorate General of Industry and SME offers updated aid programs and incentives for the creation of companies, convened by government and related agencies.

What shall a citizen of the European Union do if he wishes to establish as a Self Employed Worker in Spain ?

He must get the Identity card for foreigners from the European Union (NIE) and register in the Foreigners Registry. More information

Once the NIE obtained can perform the high activity in the Tax Agency and the Regime of Independent Social Security. You can also use the electronic processing to create your company.

Are there grants for operating franchised?

The Direction General of Industry and PYME offers updated information on the aid and incentives for franchises and companies generally, convened by government and related agencies.

Where do I can report everything needed to create or obtain a franchise?

In the Royal Decree 201/2010, exercise of business franchised and data communication registration of franchisors is regulated.

Can a New Enterprise Limited Company have just one partner?

Yes. There are Individual New Enterprise Limited Companies (Sociedad Limitada Nueva Empresa Unipersonal), however, only one of these can be set up per person. If you are the only partner of an Individual New Enterprise Limited Company, you will no be able to set up another one, however, you can be a partner in other New Enterprise Limited Companies that are not individual ones and there is no reason why you cannot be the only partner of an ordinary Limited Liability Company.

Can I set up a New Enterprise Limited Company but operate as a Worker-owned Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Limitada Laboral)?

No, because both New Enterprise Limited Companies and Worked-Owned Limited Liability Company are special types of Limited Liability Companies with their own different characteristics.

Does the New Enterprise Limited Company have a specific duration?

No. The New Enterprise Limited Company will last for an indefinite length of time except when partners decide otherwise and include this information in the articles of association. The open-ended articles of association approved by the Ministry of Justice (Ministerio de Justicia) allow companies to be set up for an indefinite or a definite length of time.

How much Share Capital is necessary to set up a New Enterprise Limited Company?

The Minimum Share Capital needed to set up a New Enterprise Limited Company is 3,000 €, and this must be paid in cash. The Maximum Share Capital for this type of company is 120,000 €.

If a New Enterprise Limited Company is set up in person, is a SED necessary?

If you choose to set up the company in person, there is no need to go to a PAIT and fill out a SED.

Must a SLNE be created only online ?

No. There are 2 ways : Online or in person. Entrepreneurs can choose the way that will best suit them.

The manager of the New Enterprise Limited Company, listed how his salary to Social Security?, what kind of withholdings IRPF has?, are 40%, reportedly?, is it the same conditions as a SL normal?

The tax regime for the remuneration of an administrator is the same as that of the directors of a Limited Liability Company.

In the income tax are considered earned income subject to withholding fixed rate of 35%.

With regard to the obligations of contributions to Social Security, based on work undertaken for society and participation therein, shall be framed in either regime. Generally if you have control of the company listed on the special scheme for self-employed (RETA).

Can a Limited Liability Company be turned into a New Enterprise Limited Company?

No, the law regulating New Enterprise Limited Companies does not envisage a transformation of this type