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What is a Help desks for Entrepreneurs (PAE)​?

The Help desks for Entrepreneurs (Puntos de Atención al Emprendedor – PAE) are centres where entrepreneurs will receive advice and assistance with the design of the business project, administrative procedures and the businesses’ first steps. These centres also provide advice during the first years of the business start up.

The PAE can be run by public or private agencies, professional colleges, entrepreneurial organizations and Chambers of Commerce.

These centres must sign an agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Energy & Tourism to be able to act as such. The General Directorate of Industry & SMEs, publishes a list of centres that act as PAE.

For company start ups, PAE centres rely on CIRCE and in one of its components: the Online Administration System (STT). Therefore, when an entrepreneur decides to start procedures from a PAE centre, he is in fact using the CIRCE system.

PAE has two tasks:

  • Give information and advice to entrepreneurs regarding their business initiatives and for the first years of the activity.
  • Start up the administrative procedures to setting up the company through the Single Electronic Document (DUE).